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The Fabtaculous Traveler
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Just a lone little traveler making his wonders about.

Fellow fabtaculous men and women:
:iconjamesofgoo: :iconpoka-sorm: :iconleft-tennant: :iconfreakly-silent: :iconicassiekinz: :iconthe-smol-stolas: :iconmrkenen: :iconwonder-waffle:

Spend some tea time with them. With a pinch of magic.


The Shroom Mother and Her Young
Beyond the ruins of the old manors, there resides several colossal caverns that seem to go deep underground.
Back before the overgrowth spread, those caves were part of a large mining project, made by mysterious benefactors. When digging they find several hollow spots full of large mushrooms.

Years have passed since the overgrowth took over, and now coming from the caves we have
the Shroom Heads. Unlike the regular flowers monsters, these creatures are practically harmless. They tend to travel in groups when leaving the comforts of their home and into the outside. Most would travel with their eldest one, otherwise their birth mother. 

There are plenty like them roaming the forest, as some would see them and mistake them as spirits or goddesses for that matter. But nope, they're just a simple family of mushrooms, enjoying the outside air. 

Heck all Shroom Heads need a moment to stretch their legs and get out there, Heh :D
chubby mushroomNichijou - Yoshino Shrugchubby mushroom 
30 -- Scorch and Rescue
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*Without hesitation as she makes her sprint, Abigail raises the flamethrower up in the air and immediately 
jams it strait through the monster's slimy maw*

*Abigail squeezes the trigger as the fire begins bursting through the goo monster mouth. The monster screeches 
in pain as the flames begin melting through the other side of it's cheek* 

*As Abigail struggles to keep the flamethrower in the monster's mouth, Milly notices the Flamer Soldier was sitting
against the wall still moving, but in pain. She swallows up the fear in her and begins making her way to the injured

*The monster tries to shake Abigail off, but she continues to stand her ground, while avoiding getting hit by the flames 

Abigail: "Milly, get going!"

*Milly inspects the Flamer Solder's wounds. He wasn't dead yet, but Milly knew that he was in serious need of medical

Flamer Soldier: "Urrg, I don't think I'm getting up from this kid, just go on without me."

*Milly was shocked at what he said, but immediately shook it off*

Milly: "N-No! We can fix you. Just let me help you up."

*The monster shakes it's head even more as the flames begin to spread through it's face*

Abigail: "Milly, hurry!"

*Milly puts the soldier's arm around her head trying to get him up. The Flamer Soldier sucked it up and used some
of his strength to help Milly carry him out of there* 

Masaoka Nice to see Abbi going up and personal to that beast. :D

But it seems now Milly's gotta do her expertise to help the Flamer Soldier's injuries fast, or else it might
be too late for him.

The original source ideas for this delightful journey and it's city mainly belongs to my pals :iconpoka-sorm: and :iconjamesofgoo: Hope you guys like it so far. :D  
29 -- I'll Cover you
Prev --
Next -- 30 -- Scorch and Rescue

*Abigail hears the clanking of the flamethrower dropping against the wall. Instinct began to surge through her as she
rushes to the weapon to pick it up*

*On the other side of the hallway, Mitch pushes the double doors open with his shoulder.*

Mitch: "That's it! Come on!"

*Milly was about to follow the soldier in but turns to notices Abigail picking up the flamethrower
and begin sprinting towards the slime-beast* 

Milly: "Abigail!" 

Abigail: Mill, help him get up and to the door. I'll cover you!" 

*Abigail runs towards the unsuspecting monster, as it tries to bite down of the Flamer Soldier, reading to ram the flamethrower 
into the beast with all her strength*


Yeah! Looks like Abbi's chosen to risk her life for the soldier. :D
Delicious [Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso] 
You go Abbi, ain't no beast tougher than you! (Well... as long as it's just one that is)
Chitose Excited Icon                                                           She's completely calm [K-On!] 

The original source ideas for this delightful journey and it's city mainly belongs to my pals :iconpoka-sorm: and :iconjamesofgoo: Hope you guys like it so far. :D  
The Broken Marionette
Gang member: "I see ya got them fancy dishwasher's arms attach to ya! Well, let's see how fast those arms can really be."

*The robot gang surrounds the Marionette*

The Marionette: "Fine then, draw."

This was based on a side story I had in my head when recreating my very old OC The Marionette
as you can see by his old images: 

The Marionette by TheShadowie-Pers0n  The Marionette - The Gunslinging Wastelander by TheShadowie-Pers0n 

The design so far is pretty good, as for everything else.......Eh, it's okay. ^^;
It's just good recreating old things. :D
Dance lessons 

The Siren Sisters
Almost everyone who's a local in the Shadowlands knows about the illustrious singer known as Delilah. But the ones right next to her in the hall of fame are the two headed beauties Kristie and Angie Luna, otherwise known as The Siren Sisters.

Perfect music for them --

With their combined voices being laid out on the mic, there ain't no fella out there that would ever turn away from their music. Heck, rumor has some guy in his 2nd story balcony overheard their singing and felt so entranced that he actually fell off the railing and landed on the roof of his car. Said, "It was worth it, hearing them voices."  

Though the soot continues to cover the world, the spread of music is still large, now that there's new singers being put onto 
the table of fame. :D
This one I had a bit a fun doing. I used a color palette making website to come up with the colors of the sisters and the rest of the picture, and so
far I love the way it came out. I might do another palette piece on a character again soon.
Da Vinci Fella (Artists) 
The Lonely Swamp Witch
Years before the overgrowth took over, in the center of the forest, there resides an old village that's said to be the Valley of Witches. For many centuries, the village was said to be home for hundreds of witches who'd worship and protect the plant life of the forest.

But when the overgrowth spread throughout the land people were quick to pointing fingers at the witches, saying they were the culprits behind the plant life overtaking humanity. It was then a radical group known as the 'Scorchers' were the first to take action and find the village. 

The Scorchers ran the witches out of their homes, up to the point in where they're presumed to be extinct. But one scared little witch was left all by her lonesome in her chard up village. No mother, no neighbors, no friends to take care of her. She knew she was all alone. 

Years later, she still waits in her home and roams the forest, trying to find her mother and her sisters. Hoping to have her family again.

Another palette character is in, and it was pretty interesting to create, though the background was a bit of rough start but went better in the end. Now this one witch I can definitely say I'll be making again. :D
Be Home Soon
Before --
Next --

"Months have passed, and so far my medical training is getting better."

"I always felt like I ask too much from mother, but she's always happy in showing me the ways. 
It was up to the point in where I wondered if there was any chance that I could see the hospital where she worked in. Her smile 
fades away when I say it. I can understand that she wasn't sure in how to bring me there without people going in a panic. But she 
answers, "I promise I'll find a way to get you to see it," and I actually believe she wants to."

"By next morning she had a call from work saying they need her for the whole night and they'll
let her know inside what it is. I made sure she didn't forget her umbrella and wish her good luck." 

"Heh, she kisses me on the head goodbye promising that she'll be back home tomorrow morning." 

"Wish we both knew the truth..."

Well, months have passed and all of a sudden the good ol doctor's got an all nighter. But luckily for her
her little slimelet can take care of herself in the house while she's gone.
Hello, hello! 
Just hope she's not gone for too long. 

The original source ideas for this delightful journey and it's city mainly belongs to my pals :iconpoka-sorm: and :iconjamesofgoo: Hope you guys like it so far. :D  
The Still Tree
*Nora makes her way through the hallway to notice Gwen standing in the tree room*

Nora: "Another book for the collection?"

Gwen: "What? Oh, Nor, I was just... what were you asking?"

Nora: "The book you have. You got that from town?" 

Gwen: "Yes, it's Edgar Prestons, Soar among the Sea. I got it for Annette's birthday."

Nora: "Good. You better put that somewhere safe until then."

Gwen: "Right, right. Uh, hey. When did we have this tree here?"

Nora: "Oh this? The Master imported this off somewhere, don't exactly know where. But I've 
           heard it's one of a kind."

Gwen: "Yes but, have you noticed that it's not shedding a single leaf?"

Nora: "It is a bit odd actually. Maybe it's exotic."

Gwen: "Or it's fake."

Another piece of the manor is revealed and we finally get to see the last of the maids of the manor: Nora and Gwen. They both make there way preparing for their fellow maid Annette's  birthday coming in a few days. But now this mysterious tree has been planted by The Master, and he hasn't said much as to why he needed it or as to why it doesn't shed a single leaf.
Tree Ooo...Fast 
Well I'm sure it's nothing too important. Right now it's getting the things prepared for the party!  
GIF Star vs. the Forces of Evil -  Dance 
Amy and Mr. Smiley -- A New Road Ahead
*The rain starts to poor*

Amy: "Shoot, storms picking up." 

*Amy stands on Mr. Smiley's hand as she lifts a little tarp over his head* 

Amy: "There, keep your head dry."

*Mr. Smiley reaches his left arm to the junk on his back to grab an old umbrella. He gradually
opens it and puts it over Amy's head. Amy grins.*

Amy: "Heh, thanks Smiles."

Almost 3 years have passed, and it's time to see the world. 

Yep, it's seriously been less than 3 years since I've ever made Amy and Mr. Smiley again, and look at them now. :D
Racing Girl Emoji (Aaaaaahhh) [V4]Sayaka Maizono (Happy Shy) [V3] 
Mr. Smiley's definitely showing on his age, but is not too old to carry heavy cargo. As for little Amy ain't so little anymore.
She's grown quite a bit on the road, and after passing by an old hospital Mr. Smiley recognized a scent in the maternity ward.
In there, Amy discovered an old baby crib with her full name tagged on it. She's even discovered an old document of her real parents.
Now she and her best friend are off traveling through the Soot Lands in search for her long lost mother and father. 
Frisk Dance Emoticon :moneyshower: money 
But also spending a bit of that time as a shadow-caravan to earn a couple bucks. 
Mirai Kuriyama (Money) Gotta get food somehow. ^^
  • Listening to: electric swing
  • Reading: dumb books
  • Watching: You
  • Playing: Overwatch (PS4)
  • Eating: air
  • Drinking: air as well
It seems I've come down with a case of the tagged and it seems: :iconwonder-waffle: is
the dastardly culprit.  
CLANNAD - Kyou Determined 
And my only cure from this is to tag back.

The rules are simple: 
1. Post these rules
2. List eight facts about your character
3. Tag eight other deviants
4. List the names of the tagged character next to their creator's usernames

My tagged character is Merc
The New Girl by TheShadowie-Pers0n  Simple Rescue Mission by TheShadowie-Pers0n  Strike a Pose by TheShadowie-Pers0n

Now the top eight facts about Merc!

1. He's a lone mercenary who specializes pulling off jobs in the desert lands of the Underminers, but
    he looks for more excitement in his work.

2. He has a name but he tends to only give it to people he's close to. Other than that he's referred as Merc.  

3. His uniform is a family heirloom passed down from his father down to his great grandfather.

4. His left arm wears an old magic glove worn by his mother when she was a part of the magical guard. The glove helps him manipulate magic
    at whim against his foes. (Unfortunately he doesn't know too many fancy spells.) 

5. He has experience fighting gun wielding maniacs and creatures of the desert, but has zero instincts when it comes to fighting
    wielders of magic or any type of magical unnatural creatures.  

6. If any job involves a lot of cash, and a little bit of action in the mix, he'll be more than willing to accept. 

7. He eventually quits the freelancing gig to join a more well paying position as an agent, for the head of potions inc. Maria Weinberg,
    to hunt down and eliminate any magical misshapes and anomalies that prove as a threat to the people and the potions business.  

8.  His new teacher in how to wield magic right is his optomistic partner in the business: Mika. In exchange for her joining in on his

Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] 
There, it is done. Now I bring this task over to you:

:icongooseworx: --  Val 
:iconjamesofgoo: -- Victor
:iconpoka-sorm: -- Marc
:iconpackratprincess: -- Healbot
:iconandrewmartind: -- Lheta 
:iconmarionettedolly: -- Ida Lynn 
:iconicassiekinz: -- Melody 
:iconlulzyrobot: -- Xavier

So yeah, there ya go....
:| (Blank Stare) 

BOOM! and fall 


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